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[How-to] Draw arrows in GIMP? Yes!

Here is how you can easily draw an arrow using the GIMP software.

1) First install GIMP. (how? damm easy!)

Open Ubuntu Software Center, type “GIMP” and press install. or Open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install gimp

2) Download the arrow plug in (here)

Open a terminal and type

> gksudo nautilus (this opens a filesystem browser in administrator mode!)

Then copy that file (the plugin.scm) to the /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts folder.

3) Open GIMP

Draw a bezier curve (shortcut is “b”) and go to Tools and Click on Arrow. It will create an arrow with the bezier curve.


Cool. GIMP rocks.


Gnome and google calendar with notifications!

Mashing GNOME desktop and google calendar is possible, thus making your life easier and probably more organized.

Here’s the easiest method (no downloads)
There’s a software called evolution that is already bundled into Ubuntu, thus you have to simply follow this tutorial.

If your using Ubuntu 10.10 it’s even more clean, since the evolution-webcal application is in a newer location, just type this in the terminal:
> /usr/lib/evolution-webcal/evolution-webcal

This is what you get in the gnome calendar:
– My calendar on the desktop

There are also some other specific projects, that you might be interested in checking.
– (very complete version!)
– (just a prototype, although quite interesting)


Gmail Voice and Video Chat in Ubuntu

If you’re a huge fan of gmail you don’t even need skype (as long as you can convince people to use gmail as well!), gmail has release the Linux Support for Video Chat, here’s a really simple how-to:

1) Access the google video chat site.

2) Download the correct installer.

Remember to select the correct Operating System and Architecture: 32 or 64 bits (how to find out your architecture in this post)

3) Double Click the .deb file and it will install under Ubuntu Software Center (or package manager)

4) It’s done, login in Gmail. And have fun.

Notice: there’s an icon with a camera next to your gmail-chat user name!

The library

Moving Towards Linux…

The documentation of a change process: from Windows to Linux. Targeting daily usage and loads of application instalation.
The purpose is to honestly discuss the possibilities and dis/advantages of Open-Source Operating Systems.


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