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Gnome and google calendar with notifications!

Mashing GNOME desktop and google calendar is possible, thus making your life easier and probably more organized.

Here’s the easiest method (no downloads)
There’s a software called evolution that is already bundled into Ubuntu, thus you have to simply follow this tutorial.

If your using Ubuntu 10.10 it’s even more clean, since the evolution-webcal application is in a newer location, just type this in the terminal:
> /usr/lib/evolution-webcal/evolution-webcal

This is what you get in the gnome calendar:
– My calendar on the desktop

There are also some other specific projects, that you might be interested in checking.
– (very complete version!)
– (just a prototype, although quite interesting)

The library

Moving Towards Linux…

The documentation of a change process: from Windows to Linux. Targeting daily usage and loads of application instalation.
The purpose is to honestly discuss the possibilities and dis/advantages of Open-Source Operating Systems.


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