Pedro Lopes
(turntables / sampler / laptop)

An engineer and musician interested in various fields of artistic expression and science, until now has worked in improvising, electronic and electroacustic compositions, paired with otherart forms such as video and performance. Seeking the meaning of concepts and “words” through the experimentations of various formulas. Even in computer sciences he develops interfaces and inovating projects that come from the experimental contexts, and use tecnology as a mean of expression or connectivity.

In the various section of my website its possible to find Portfolios of the diferent projects and an area with press material should be posted soon.


Listed below are the various curriculia, each to a diferent field of work (portuguese one’s are a bit more up to date):

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The documentation of a change process: from Windows to Linux. Targeting daily usage and loads of application instalation.
The purpose is to honestly discuss the possibilities and dis/advantages of Open-Source Operating Systems.


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