Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio – 9.10 the “Karmic Koala”

First a short intro: Ubuntu is a Linux distribution, which means open source and free operating system. An amazing OS that is being widely accepted and showing great results in the community.

Ubuntu Studio is an official derivative of Ubuntu that is targetting the multimedia development/production (audio, video, 2d, 3d, etc..) the major differences are a HUGE application list already bundled and the RT kernel patch (means Realtime kernel – giving the possibilty to achieve less latency in audio/video processing).

Note: You can upgrade a “normal” Ubuntu to Studio by installing the “ubuntustudio-desktop” package.

The latest version is 9.10, kindly called Karmic Koala (get used to distribution names, they are better/sexier than numbers) – in both Ubuntu (the main) and Ubuntu Studio (the derivate).

Small note: The next is 10.04 and will have a lesser name (in my opinion, ’cause I’m a fan of Koalas): Lucid Lynx – scheduled for April 2010.

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