My moving Scheme!

My sheme was to install both Windows and Linux (because of some applications I’ve previously explained: Live and MOTU Audio Card).

People usually question about space partitioning (meaning splitting your hard drive in bits for the different operating systems), so here’s my scheme:

– partition#1: 15 GB – XP Professional SP3 32 Bits (P) (NTFS)

– partition#2: 15 GB – Program Files for XPs (P) (NTFS)

– partition#3: 15 GB – space for future “XP professional 64 Bits” (I’ll use for testing some audio latency) (P) (NTFS)

– partition#4: 8 GB – Windows Paging File (double of RAM Memory – although only XP64 can use 4GB RAM) (L) (NTFS)

– partition#5: 20 GB – Ubuntu Studio 9.10 64bit (Ubuntu Karmic Koala Tuned for Audio/video work) (L) (EXT4)

– partition#6: 8 GB – Ubuntu Swap (Linux’s Page File alike drive) (L) (LINUX-SWAP)

– partition#7: 40 GB – Data (L) (EXT4)

– partition#8: 40 GB – Data (L) (NTFS)

The letters alongside each partition denote the filesystem that was used to format them. NTFS is Windows preferable filesystem, and EXT4 should be used for Ubuntu 9.10.  The sizes are not accurate, but just a rough measure – the intend is to give a hint to those that are selecting partitioning types. I’m a fan of keeping everything a bit separated, this helps when de-fragmenting or if you encounter trouble in any logical partition (keeps the troubles isolated!).

Also letters (L) and (P) stand for Logical or Primary partition, its recommendable to keep Windows in the primary. Just for sake.

So as you see, for now – my operating systems will be:

a) Windows XP professional 32 bit (SP3) – I like it and feel that it is stable, it is ust for using certain special applications.

b) Ubuntu Studio Karmic Koala 64 bit – the system intended for DAILY use.

c) I intend to keep 15 GB free to use Windows XP 64 bit or other OS’s fro tryout, I’m watching differences in latency measurements and I need to install some OS’s for the tryouts.

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