(Emotive) Opinions on Ubuntu 9.10 Install vs. Windows XP SP3

Okay, the system is running (see instalation guide on post below).

As far as this point there are a few emotions that come into play when using Ubuntu 9.10 for the first time:

  • Automatic Driver install (every driver: sound, wi-fi, ethernet, modem, graphics, etc… was installed without worries)
  • An incredible HUGE bundle of applications already included (almost every thing you wish to do is already available).
  • Very fast system. From the moment you boot to the login screen and then till you reach the desktop, you have a clear feeling that this is way faster than Windows Xp Sp3 fresh install (by other Operating System).
  • Easy new program-download. If you need something, just open a widget and choose the program. It downloads and install it for you! Super easy…
  • No cracks, no serials, no hidden tricks… this is Open Source software, Free as in free beer.
  • Fully customizable stuff, in 2 minutes I downloaded a new theme and got the system preferences more the way I like (even windows behaviours and icons).
  • Democratic system, when you install Ubuntu or other Linuxes – they play along nicely with Windows or other Operating systems previously installed (automatic confgure of GRUB bootloader lets you choose your system when you boot.)
  • No stress confguring network access: nor Wifi nor ethernet!!!

If you are a Windows user… imagine: installing a system (on an older laptop: about 2/3 years, with AMD processors) and when you boot the first time… you can use the web (already have Firefox), you can create music (ardour, jack, rosegarden, audacity, etc..) you ca draw 2D or 3D (inkscape, blender, the gimp), you can watch movies, listen to music, and so on… and….if something isn’t the way you like. You are openly invited to re-configure-it.

It’s not a dream… it is just a different paradigm for using a computer. Think carefully, maybe you’re looking for a Linux, and freedom.

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