Hello (Linux) world!

This blog documents the change of Operating System (OS) from Windows to Linux.

It is not a reality-show but more like an open and honest documentation of the whole process. I’ve been a Windows user for whole my life, but of course I’ve used Linux every now and then (at college, sometimes at home, at the radio) but never regularly nor even kept a running version for more then a couple of months.

This marks my transition to Linux, the intentions of keeping Windows are very low, maybe just as operating-system.-for-my-darn-stupid-soundcard or if needed-to do-something-creepy-that-I-cannot-imagine-right-now.

[As you can see, at exactly the time of this post, I’m using my WinXp with the usual stuff]

Because these blog is all about honesty towards software, I must state imediatly that I’m a fan of Open-Source Software, even running windows I can show you that about 90% o what I use is open source or free and the remaining 10% is licensed through college (Windows, Visual Studio, Enterprise Architect) or bought by my own money (Ableton Live, MOTU’s software, Lite version of Cubase). I’m a programmer and not a huge fan of pirating… not a holy guy of course (theres a couple of stolen bytes here and there!)… just a regular person.

My current open source software list: Blender, LilyPond, Filezilla, Pidgin, GIMP, Inkscape, Open Office, ArgoUML, PotRace, UFRaw, VLC, Gantt Project, Ogre, Mogre, PureData, Open CV, Processing, Notepad++, QFSM, JabRef, Mozilla, Thunderbird, etc…

The free (not open sourced) list includes: Google Chrome, LEd, Cmap, Xvid, infinite numer of VSTs (like dbglitch).


To document the transition of Windows to Linux operating system.

To be honest and post instalation-difficulties, but also what good came out of this.

To show to regular people that there are different perspectives on software, and how they can use that.

Remember: although I am a programmer and I can use stuff a bit more easily, I’m a regular user very (very!) acommodated to Windows workings… I usually prefer non command-line instalations and ready-to-go stuff. I like clean interfaces (another reason to get out of Windows..) and productive software.

Also, because I’m a intense worker on the virtual world (programming, computer music, and so on…) I have very very high demands, if you’re just a regular user… then probably you can suit with just a third of the applications or so! This means I’ll be honest if anything is not up to my expectations

The process…

I’ll be documenting here every now and then. I’m currently developing my thesis proposal , so I cannot go into moving right now. Probably start in January 8… although untill then there’s a lot to post:

1) Analyse your current needs

2) Choose a Linux Distribution

3) Make a plan on how to change everything

Only then, format the actual computer!

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Moving Towards Linux…

The documentation of a change process: from Windows to Linux. Targeting daily usage and loads of application instalation.
The purpose is to honestly discuss the possibilities and dis/advantages of Open-Source Operating Systems.


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